Monday, November 21, 2011

Wrapped In Make-Believe - Lost In Dementia

"Are you cold mom?"
"NO, I'm wrapped in........Make-Believe."

Greetings All and welcome to my serious brand of "In-sanity". I am doing this for me in an attempt to re-gain some balance in my life. Thank you for reading and exploring this difficult walk through dementia with a loved one with me.

My mom was diagnosed with dementia several years ago, but we'll talk about that later. Let me tell you about today and yesterday first. She was placed in a skilled nursing care facility several days ago due to a horrible urinary tract infection (UTI) accompanied by a rapid decline in cognition and hallucinations.

Her first day there, I placed a blanket around her shoulders as she sat in a wheelchair. She looked so afraid and fragile. As I placed the blanket around her I asked: "Mom are you cold?"  to which she replied: "No I'm wrapped..." and paused. She then placed her hands to each side of the blanket and I could tell she was searching for the right words "in a blanket" and finally said.....'Make-Believe'. At that moment I knew I needed to write about the wrenching pain, humour and irony of this horrific moment. So here I am. Just for today I will take a moment for myself without worry, thought or pain....


  1. My dear, dear friend. I am so glad you decided to do this. Writing is your therapy and I know it will do you well. Wow, how poignant a moment that was with your mom. Keep on writing and know that I'm here for you.
    Much love,

  2. Dear Sister,
    I love you. If you make this public it will help comfort and ease those who are going through the same heartbreak but have no outlet.
    The pain of seeing Mom losing her sense of reality to a senseless disease is like a going through a "living mourning". Write all you can and when you feel you can't, write some more. You have a sensative perception of things; adding a bit of humor to this tragic situation will be healing for you and others who can relate. Please make this public!